Helping Companies Focus & Align for Growth

Avoiding the Growth Plateau

Has your business growth plateaued in terms of revenue, gross margin, sales opportunities or client satisfaction?
Do your strategies and offerings really differentiate you?

Every business experiences a growth plateau and the marketplace perception of being no different than its competition.  The key to avoiding these situations is proactive management.  

You need to focus your vision and strategy, align your service offerings and operations accordingly, and measure your performance across all areas of the business.

To do this well, a delicate balancing act of constant attention to all areas is required – a challenge in itself – because most executives are consumed with working in their businesses rather than working on them.

Crescent Solutions leverages your efforts starting with a Growth Positioning Strategy designed to keep your business on track and re-position it for your unique growth goals.  We provide prioritized recommendations and timelines based on our in-depth analysis, and then work with you to implement necessary changes.

Specifically we help you:

    •  Focus Your Growth Strategy

    •  Align Your Business Operations

    •  Manage to Metrics

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     "Jay has provided tangible value for our company.  Starting with a growth strategy, he suggested enhanced processes around offerings, marketing, sales, and account management that have expanded our service lines, strengthened our management team, and positioned our company for ongoing profitable growth.  His in-depth experience and objective coaching has benefited us on a day-to-day basis."

                   Daniel Cohen-Dumani
                           Founder & CEO
                   Portal Solutions, LLC

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