Helping Companies Focus & Align for Growth

Achieving Measurable Results

Our associates bring to Crescent Solutions a track record of success serving their clients over the years.  Individually and as teams they have provided project leadership and management, specific expertise, hands-on assistance, and mentoring and coaching.  The results these clients have achieved are impressive.

The following list shows five scenarios where our associates helped these companies improve gross margin and profitability, market positioning, client relationships and/or operational efficiency.  The solutions and results for each organization are presented in case study write-ups.

Client Case Study 1

IT solutions provider on the US East Coast.

Situation: This company was growing revenue at a rapid pace, but believed its organization and infrastructure were not mature and scalable enough to maintain optimal client satisfaction and profitable growth.

Client Case Study 2

IT services provider and training company with multiple locations across the US.

Situation: This company’s revenue growth was relatively flat with decreasing profitability, even while it seemed to be well-positioned in terms of service offerings, geographic markets and vendor relationships.

Client Case Study 3

Business process consulting and IT services provider in the Midwest US.

Situation: This company was experiencing moderate growth in its metropolitan market. While the company had a good track record of long-term relationships with large clients, it struggled to break into new companies.  The company also wanted to expand organically and cost-effectively into a new geographic market leveraging its current support services infrastructure.

Client Case Study 4

Managed network services and hosting provider on the US East Coast.

Situation: This company’s growth had been relatively flat for several years.  It offered a wide range of services and equipment reselling and needed to re-focus its offerings to the areas with the best long-term growth potential.  The company was also interested in acquiring a firm that would accelerate its growth and positioning in a chosen focus area.

Client Case Study 5

Public health and social services provider with approximately 1,200 employees located in Texas.

The new director of this organization was tasked to focus on the development of new services, as well as the delivery of all services to the metropolitan area.  He faced pressure to provide more health and social services with restricted funding from local sources and grant agencies, while also facing the challenge of having a large support services organization without a current leader to help drive efficiency and reduce costs.

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