Helping Companies Focus & Align for Growth

Developing a Growth Positioning Strategy

Do you have a process for re-focusing your business?

Do you have the time to do this yourself?

Executives are typically consumed by the day-to-day operational demands of their companies. Too often they don’t take the time or have the time to step back for a critical business view.  As a result, corporate strategic positioning sometimes gets off track with industry and marketplace changes.  

Crescent Solutions has developed a first step project designed to leverage your time and help you understand your current business state, and then identify strategic and operational enhancements to focus and align your offerings and operations for continual, incremental growth.  We simplify what is often a complicated process.

We find that most executives are not able to answer "yes" to these questions:

    •  Are you growing as planned and achieving
       expected results for revenue, gross margin,
       profitability and client satisfaction?

    •  Is your company differentiated in the
       marketplace, giving you the competitive
       advantage needed in today’s economy?

    •  Are your services and products focused on
       exactly what your clients need?

    •  Do you generate enough leads to cost-
       effectively stay focused on your best offerings?

    •  Are key business functions aligned with your
       offerings ensuring efficient execution and
       client satisfaction?

If you complete our Growth Positioning Strategy project and implement its recommendations, you will be able to answer these questions with confidence, and more importantly be assured that your company is positioned for growth in current and evolving market conditions.

Let’s discuss a Growth Positioning Strategy for your firm.


Growth Positioning Strategy Phases


  •  Conduct kickoff meeting
  •  Collect company data
  •  Interview key client associates


  •  Evaluate the findings relative to:
      -  Company historical performance
      -  Industry and marketplace
  •  Identify the firm's current
     positioning based on
     strategy/execution framework
     (shown above)


  •  Develop vision of future state
  •  Identify and prioritize
     recommended business
  •  Project timeframes for
  •  Conduct executive briefing
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