Helping Companies Focus & Align for Growth

Leveraging Management's Efforts

Do you deliver value on a consistent basis?

Do prospective clients call your company?  For what services?

Successful services firms know their clients well.  They manage expectations and maintain their favorable reputations in the marketplace.

These companies periodically reassess their vision and strategies (focus), implement enhancements in their businesses (align), and then closely track how those changes are impacting results (measure).

Crescent Solutions works with your team to embed this process into your ongoing operations.  We start with a Growth Positioning Strategy. This short-term project (typically one month) begins with discovery and analysis phases and concludes with prioritized recommendations and timeframes for implementing the changes needed to re-position your firm for growth.

Following the Growth Positioning Strategy, we help you design and implement our recommendations, as well as provide ongoing coaching and counsel to assist you to simultaneously work in and work on your business.

Specifically, we provide:

    •  Management and advisory counsel and coaching

    •  Strategic visioning and planning 

    •  Business operations assessments 

    •  Business project facilitation and implementation 

    •  Interim leadership and management 

    •  Mergers and acquisitions consulting

All of our engagements are designed to effectively leverage your time.  We support your efforts to lead your business on a day-to-day basis, while also focusing on its future.

Contact us for details on how we can help you re-position your company for growth.


     "Jay Rosenfeld helped us plan our expansion nationwide.  He provided and analyzed the market data we needed to make decisions, and in listening to our long term goals, was flexible and responsive in helping us to shape our strategy.  In the end we had an approach that the team embraced, and which we've been successfully executing for several years as we move through our expansion."

                                   Rick Kuula
                        Solutia Consulting
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